Miele Appliance Repairs

Miele washing machine repairs, Miele oven repairs, Miele Dishwasher repairs & more

Miele Appliance Repairs


miele appliance repairs

miele appliance repairs



Are you looking for a Miele appliance repair? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our engineers repair all types of Miele appliances, so can get your Miele appliance back up and running in as little as 24 hours as we often have same and next day appointments.

Due to the complicated nature of German manufactured Miele appliances we have a slightly higher repair fee; however, our engineers have worked on hundreds of Miele appliances, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your repair will be completed quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.


Miele freestanding appliance repair charge £79

Miele built in appliance repair charge £89


So what types of Miele appliances do we repair? We repair the following :

  • Miele washing machines repairs

Common washing machine faults include; Washing machine stuck full of water,  drum not turning, or mouldy door seal?

  • Miele dishwasher repairs

Common dishwasher faults include; dishwasher full of water / not pumping out, not cleaning correctly or not starting a wash programme.

  • Miele oven repairs.

Common Miele oven repairs include; oven not heating, no power to oven, grill not working.

  • Miele tumble dryers repairs.

Common tumble dryer repairs include; dryer not heating, dryer drum not turning, no power to dryer.

  • Miele hobs repairs.

Common hob repairs include; hob elements not heating or no power on hob.

  • Miele refrigeration repairs.

Common refrigeration repairs; fridge not cooling, fridge freezer icing up / over freezing, no power to refrigeration appliance.

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