Appliance Installations

Let us install your appliance correctly

If you would rather order your appliance from someone else, or you have been left with an appliance that needs installing, we can help.

We install a wide range of appliances, both freestanding and built in products. We will test the socket they are connected to (if applicable), install your appliance (including any decor panels if it is an integrated appliance) and perform a functional test on the appliance to ensure it is working.  We can even recycle your old appliance for you; charges do apply.

So which appliances do we install?


Appliance TypeInstallation (If appliance purchased with us)
(inc. VAT)
Installation Only (If appliance purchased elsewhere)
(inc. VAT)
Cooker (Electric / Freestanding)£79.00£89.00
Cooker (Gas / Freestanding)£96.00£108.00
Dishwasher (Freestanding)£25.00£78.00
Dishwasher (Integrated / Built In)£85.00£125.00
Extractor Hood (Visit required)£125.00£170.00
Fridge Freezer (Freestanding)£15.00£78.00
Fridge Freezer (Built In)£125.00£150.00
Hob (Electric / Built In)£79.00£89.00
Hob (Gas / Built In)£126.00£144.00
Laundry (Freestanding)£25.00£78.00
Laundry (Built In)£140.00£180.00
Oven (Electric / Built In)£79.00£89.00


*Please note: Installations / Connections are to existing supplies; further charges may apply if the connection or installation is not standard, and / or we have to use additional materials to complete the install (such as hoses / plugs / cable).  If you’re unsure, please contact us.

  • Washing machine installations including built in washing machine installations
  • Dishwasher installations, including built in dishwasher installations
  • Fridge Freezer installations, including built in fridge freezer installations
  • Oven / Cooker Installations, including built in appliance installations